Excel Power Distribution







Excel provides a wide range of Power Distribution Units from standard PDUs in a variety of configurations, to modular designs that provide greater flexibility and a choice of intelligent PDUs that allow you to monitor, manage and measure your power consumption. 

Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the required standards and we use robust outer casings and quality components to ensure that you have a reliable, CE and RoHs compliant product. Excel PDUs come with a 3-year warranty as standard when installed by an accredited Excel partner.

Intelligent PDUs

Knowledge and Visibility, assured.

A range of intelligent PDUs that allow you to monitor and/or manage and analyse your power usage remotely.

Modular PDUs

Interchangeability and Flexibility, assured.

A selection of PDUs that allow users to mix and match socket styles and change connectivity or socket density at any time.

Standard PDUs

Choice and Quality, assured.

A vast range of robust PDUs with 4 to 24 sockets in a choice of vertical or horizontal mounting and different socket types.

Desktop PDUs

Convenience and Accessibility, assured.

A choice of units that bring power, 6c apertures and USB ports to the actual desktop.