Excel Enbeam FTTx Solution

The Excel brand is owned by Mayflex, A Sonepar Company, headquartered in the UK where a team of industry experts have worked since 1997 to create solutions which stay true to our core values:







This focus has led to Excel achieving a market leading position in the LAN and campus cabling environment with 21% market share in the UK according to BSRIA. Internationally the brand is present and growing in most European countries, and via the Mayflex Middle East location has strong market share in the UAE, Qatar and across the gulf region.

Enbeam is the Excel fibre optic product family now well established in the LAN and campus space. 

In 2018 the Enbeam PON solution was launched to meet growing demand in the Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) space for high density, high speed fibre cabling and associated splitter and distribution systems. In 2020 the range was extended further with the launch of cables, ducts and distribution enclosures intended to service the rapidly expanding FTTx market.

Whilst the breadth and flexibility of these solutions make them suitable for a range of Fibre To The Premise (FTTp) environments, the majority are specifically designed to meet the demand created by accelerated Fibre To The Home (FTTh) build out programmes, resulting in our partnering with a growing number of established and new-to-market service providers.

When selecting Enbeam FTTx solutions, customers are choosing best-in-class products designed to support high speed multi subscriber applications with high density, ease of install and reliability at the core of each design. We strongly believe in the value of a partnership approach to our working relationship with customers. Find out why more and more service providers are using Enbeam from Excel by clicking the button below.

FTTx Cable

  • Blowable microcables up to 432f
  • PIA approved Ultra Light Weight (ULW)
  • Unarmoured and Armoured Loose Tube up to 432f
  • Ribbon up to 864f

Enbeam Duct
and Sub-Duct

  • External grade single and multi-duct / sub-ducts
  • Internal grade single and multi-duct / sub-ducts
  • Hybrid, bespoke and personalisation options available

Enbeam Distribution, Termination & Splicing

  • Plastic and steel enclosures up to 96f
  • External domes up to 648f
  • External flat box up to 144f
  • 19-inch rack mount
  • Splice, direct connect or splitter

Enbeam Interconnect Cables and Splitters

  • Pigtails and patch cords
  • Connectors and adaptors
  • 1 to N splitters and splitter distribution
  • Choice of cable lengths and connector styles

Enbeam FTTx Pre-Terminated Cable

Our pre-terminated solutions are ideal where time on-site is restricted, but also help reduce on-site waste and mitigate installation errors. As a bespoke service, the options are almost endless to meet a wide range of requirements.


Our online catalogue captures the most popular and frequently used products. 

 If you are looking for something bespoke, or if what you find in our online catalogue doesn't quite meet your requirements, please talk to our team. We can usually meet bespoke requirements with short lead times and a competitive pricing together with 3D rendered imagery and detailed drawings for approval.

Excel Encyclopaedia

Further information about Excel’s Enbeam FTTx Solutions can be found online in the Excel Encyclopaedia. The Excel Encyclopaedia is a comprehensive document that aims to educate installers, designers and consultants about structured cabling as well as providing details about the complete Excel range. It also includes useful documents such as tender responses, white papers and much more.